The start of a New season.

Stuart Crane


Stuart Crane: Over the winter months I have built a new engine using our own design billet block and new cases etc also more fresh part’s fitted inside , fitted a new carb setup, new yokes and changed the front forks which are lighter than the previous ones. It is running a twin disc setup now . We have added a second stage of nitrous and after testing at the beginning of May, we are very happy with the outcome. Just some minor tweaks to do and all being well I hope to run a 6.8 second pass this year. The addition of a carbon fibre nitrous bottle has also reduced the weight of the bike for this season . The bike overall this year should be around 7kg lighter than last year ! … We have also tested a different exhaust combination which gave some interesting results . MPM Oils are a major sponsor once again this season, with some of the best products on the market. The bike still has the same look as last year with only a few minor changes, which I am waiting for Dale Leeks to complete (So, I could still be waiting for these till next season!…)

Dale Leeks


Dale Leeks: Over the winter, myself and Stuart Crane have been through the motor and changed a few parts, just to freshen it up. The bike has not changed from last season, which is a first for me really as I seem to change it every couple of seasons or so. We went testing at the beginning of May and had some issues with the bike, but hopefully we have found and remedied these and will be testing again on Thursday. My goal for this year is to run my first 6 second pass. I know the bike is capable of it as it has done in the past.

Mark Smith


Mark Smith: Well, where do I start?! The bike has had a huge makeover through the winter. We have fitted a Firestorm ECU, a full re-wire and new coils. Both of my motors have been refreshed for the season. Stuart Crane hasn’t stopped working on my bike and engines since October 2016! (Sorry Craney). Dale Leeks has been busy rebuilding my engines which I keep breaking (Sorry Dale). After testing the bike in early May, (and breaking it..) Dale and Stuart have been working hard to make the necessary repairs in time for The Main Event. We will see what will happen. Once again, same great support from Draper Tools, MPM Oils, HDH Repair Centre, Greens Plumbing, TW metals and a very big special thank you to my Mum for letting me empty her bank account over the winter months. A huge thank you to my team mates, Stuart and Dale. Without them I’d still be sitting in my garage, looking at all those parts, scratching my head, thinking where does that bit go again??. I would really like to say a massive thank you to the whole Warpspeed Team, as last season was a hell of a season. The whole team pulled together to get me out there. At the times I wanted to jack it all in, but they kicked me into touch and got me back out on the track. My goal this year is to run a 7.2 or 7.1 second pass for my team to say thank you for all their hard work.