Drag Racing Products and services

Warpspeed Racing offer a huge range of products and services with the backing of over 10 years of experience.



Suzuki GSX pro series slider clutch system. This products recent achievement was a Personal Best for Meshal Al-saber in his first 60 feet on his first run.


GSXR1100/ Bandit Pro series slider clutches. Currently developing GSX 1400 and Hayabusa slider clutch systems.




Billet beadlock 15inch side drive wheel

Billet beadlock 15inch side drive – width to your spec, drag bike rear wheel

Billet beadlock 15inch side drive wheel

Second design in our funny bike wheel range. Wheels can be designed to required specifications specification.


Funnybike frame

Funny bike frame built to customers specifications.


Funnybike frames

Using our proven WSR design or taylor made to customers requirements.

 Product testing 

Our products are tested and proven the bike on the right is the Warpspeed Pro Mod Funny Bike.