The run up from the weekend off racing

Mark Smith

Well to be quick to clear how my weekend went at the main event at Santa pod( as you see below) Not the best weekend racing but the best time had with the most amazing team mates. I don’t know how many times l can say sorry and thank you for all your hard work just for me to break everything I lay a hand to. Sorry again Boys.Stuart Crane Dale Leeks


Dale leeks

What a weekend at the fim/fia main event running in topfuel bike . Stuart Crane going out and proving the combination and his hard work pays off his bike shows real promise after running 6.95 then backed up with a 6.97 with a shut off due to a shift issue and unable to get 5th gear so he is nowhere near his potential and putting a 1.03 60 ft down backed up with a 1.04 this was the fastest 60ft of any of the 2 wheeler machines at santa pod this week. I didn’t pb the 1/4 mile but my half tracks where pbs showing a very stout front half 6second front half and leaving some fuelbikes standing off the start line unfortunately I have a small issue when the front wheel is coming down at 150mph causing me to shut off and loosing me time I will sort the issue and I’m sure it will all come together. Unfortunately for Mark Simon Smith he did not manage to get a clean pass in due to some issues but we will re address this and go again . Thanks as always to our long term sponsors MPM OILS and WARPSPEED RACING also thanks to all of our dedicated team members that without you we wouldn’t get down the track. Next round hockenheim Germany for the nitro olympix.


Stuart Crane

Well what a weekend at the main event we all had , I managed to get the bike dialled in to what it should be capable of . We managed personal bests in all aspects of the run 1.03 60 foot time’s , 4.38 1/8th time with 158mph . Then a 6.95 1/4 too …The pass against Rene would have been a 6.8 more than likely. But couldn’t get top gear so I rolled the throttle 3/4 track and ran 6.97 !…. Such an awesome weekend with the best team out there….